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ReSurfacing® is Section I of The Avatar® Course.
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The Avatar Course - online

February 24 - March 03, 2024

Experience the powerful energy of people from all over the world coming together to learn the extraordinary tools of awakening and becoming their best selves.
A team of dedicated Avatar Masters will ensure you have personal guidance and support each step of the way.
Take the next step in your evolvement and move forward on your path.

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The Avatar Course • February 24 - March 3 • Sections 1-3 • Includes the ReSurfacing® Workshop
ReSurfacing Workshop • February 24 - 25 • Section 1 • This is a 2-day exploration of the map of your unique consciousness.
The approach is light and informal, rather than serious; experiential rather than intellectual.

Participation involves:

  • solo work, both indoors and outdoors
  • discussions in small groups
  • reading and some brief writing
  • working one-on-one with an Avatar Master as a guide

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